About Us

Enterprise Culture

Aoto has engaged in building a human-based system since its establishment. With respect and trust in employees, easy and lively working atmosphere, a management system based on employees’ rights and interests, only official rank at work, communication and coordination without barriers, encouraging employees to build up their own working style, these are the fountain of innovation and vitality thereby cohere individual’s power to make Aoto a strong and flexible team. We firmly believe that organization and administration are merely built to assure the company operates systematically and efficiently. It is more important to provide our employees a good working environment and vision allowing them to fully develop their intelligence and capability and constantly maintain their abundant initiatives. This is also the driving force behind a corporate’s sustainable growth.

Excellent Product

Aoto dedicated to introduce world class coating and high quality of finishing and new effects products to the local market since it establishments.

We had expanded our product portfolio from automotive-Refinish products to various high performance coating for plastic part, wood and metal. We offer a full line coating which are rubber effect coating, soft feel, soft touch, vacuum metallizing coating, texture finishing, coating solution for difficult substrates such as POM, aluminium, zinc diecast, PE and etc.

To emulate the increasing demand for higher quality products in the global market, our factory received certificate of ISO 9001:2000 quality management system for “the manufacture of paint and thinner for the automotive, electronic and household industries.”

Under the ISO 9001 quality system for the product development, production to customer services, there are strict procedure and controls to assure consistent quality of our product and services.

Why Aoto

Service, providing technical solution

We are very customer service oriented coating company. All our sales and technical staffs are well trained in coating formulation so that we can assist and provide technical solution to solve problem faced by our customers.

Our team of technical staffs are very much well trained for paint formulations and give customers practical recommendations and advices.

Service providing in the delivery

Aoto understand the need of in time delivery. We always keep stock for both raw material and finished goods in order to provide in time delivery and service to our customer. We believe we can meet the demands of the market.

Innovation and research

With deep understanding of the market trend, Aoto foresee a good opportunity for business development in the field of coating industries.

Aoto obtained the technology from Osaka, Japan in 2001 to manufacture automotive refinish. On this basic and with the following huge resources investment, coating products have been improved in quality and diversified in its range. Aoto coating products rapidly gained a remarkable market share in high performance application. The advantage of Aoto is that in partnership we can develop specific coating products to meet their requirement in shortest time.

We establish an R & D department in the early stage. The department is headed by an outstanding researcher who has more than 10 years experience in the coating industries. Our reliable technology are supported strongly by excellent international reputation chemical companies – Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Clariant GmbH, Eastman Chemical Co., Cytec Surface Specialties Inc. At the same time, we are working hand in hand with Degussa ( Germany ) in the developing of fine coating and modification of coating for higher performance of new coating technology. By heavy development in the R & D, new products are continually introduced, performances are also enhanced.

With more plastic materials coming up in the market toward 21st century, there will be tremendous expansion of applications. These new plastic material will demand new coating requirements, higher coating performance and more sophisticated patterns and styles. We at Aoto have always been researching and developing new coats and coating technology to meet the users’ needs for today and tomorrow. With the slogan “Decorative, functional and upgrade plastics” in mind we continually advancing the field of coating technology.